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Consider with Alexis Paschal

What moves and inspires you most?
Movement itself inspires me. The possibility of growth and change pushes me forward into the next moment and the next and the next. The tender unfurling of a phrase, the fading scent of a jasmine flower in the wind, the flowing of one sound into the next, the filling up of the chest with air -- the not-slowing-down, the looking-back-but-only-briefly, the pulling-towards and the pushing-against -- the knowing that these moments will end and begin again, and that the next time might be a bit different.
What are your simplest pleasures?
My pleasures are mostly simple: breathing deeply, moving slowly with my body, being near someone I feel safe with, getting dressed, discovering a good poem, drinking tea, cooking, making anything, mornings, saxophone sounds, lighting candles, long walks with myself, sitting still in silence, hand-picking flowers, giving, and laughing. Connecting with myself feels like an act of resistance and that brings me comfort.
What are you curious about learning? 
Everything! There is so much to know and so much I do not. But I am inspired in this moment of collective grief and empowerment to learn how to be a better neighbor, how to be a better person, how to show up for myself and the most delicate in the best way that I can. I want to know how to connect with myself, how to deconstruct whiteness, how to let go of pain, how to hold onto what is meaningful. I have been thinking a lot about transition and those affected most by it -- how to hold the vulnerable close and protect them during the process of deconstruction, destabilization, displacement. This feels like the most important kind of knowledge at the moment.
Describe a sound that makes you feel calm.
The voices of my communities, cracking under the pressure of love for one another.
What fills your heart up?
Collective anger, direct action, people caring for each other, willingness, softness in spite of everything, optimism, accountability, forgiveness, solidarity, growth and the possibility of liberation.



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