Consider with Bethany Brill

Describe a memory that makes you feel joy.
I can pretty much instantly burst into tears whenever I think of my girls being born, hearing their first cry, and the swell of joy that comes in that moment. It is the closest to heaven I have ever been and I’m so grateful for those experiences. If I ever try for an acting career— I know what memory I can use to cue the water works hahaha
What are your simplest pleasures?
I think one of the simplest pleasures in life is the sky; the clouds specifically- they are fascinating,  calming, beautiful, and something that has brought me peace for as long as I can remember. I always journal in front of a window in the morning (wherever I am) so I can watch them as I process and ground myself for the day ahead.   
What are you curious about learning?
I am curious about production and manufacturing atm. The whole process of taking something from my brain, bringing it to life, and then sharing it with my community is really fascinating and satisfying. The process of beginning, middle and end just does it for me.  
What fills your heart up?
At this stage of life, in the thick of raising three small children, and managing various projects and businesses, alone time fills my heart up. I have to fill myself up first so I can pour out in all the different ways I want to. That goes for creativity, parenting, relationships and most things honestly.  
What does timelessness mean to you?
I like to think of timelessness as individual to myself-  is it “me?”- the me that has always been there and will continue to be there as I evolve. I love the journey of self discovery but in essence,  I am the same now that I was at 5 years old. I think sometimes the idea of timelessness can become this faceless generic example of what’s “non-offensive” and I resist that— I think it can be personal and a way of knowing yourself to take a bet on “I think I will love this in 10 years because I am me and I know myself.”  
What makes you feel safe?
The safe attachment bond with my husband makes me feel safer than anything else. Through therapy work and 7 years of marriage under our belt,  we have cultivated a deeply safe connection and it is something I would consider to be one of the most valuable things I’ve done in my life. With my babe by my side supporting me, I feel pretty much unstoppable.

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