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Consider with Korbi Clevinger

Describe an art form or medium that piques your interest and why.
I was an art major in college, and the medium that piqued my interest the most was/is clay. I love working with clay because it makes me feel a connection to the earth and the creative process is so transformative. You get to watch your hands create something that only you can make. Your fingerprints are on the piece forever. During the process, the clay goes through different stages. You start with greenware. This is when the clay is soft and malleable, so you work with it and mold it into form. After letting it dry until it’s “leather hard,” you fire it in the kiln, and it becomes bisque wear. After that, you glaze the piece, re-fire it, and voila! There’s your piece! Ceramics, especially hand building, is therapeutic for me and I believe that anyone can do it. 
What makes you feel safe?
What makes me feel most safe is the family unit that my partner and I have created for ourselves. Growing up neither of us learned fantastic communication skills, so we have worked together to learn how to do that with one another. We are working towards curating our home with art, sustainable and ethically produced items, and love. We’ve also added two babies to the family as well: Juno and Finn. Juno is a shi-tzu and Finn is a chow. We love them like children and together we are a family, and in our home we feel so safe and nurtured. 
How do you try to live a more sustainable lifestyle?
I stumbled into the idea of a sustainable lifestyle in early college when I watched a documentary called “The Minimalists” on Netflix. I was working three jobs (UGH) while being a full time student and I knew I had way too much going on. I was so tired and exhausted and life felt too cluttered. Soon, I delved into the Marie Kondo method of removing anything in my life that didn’t spark joy. I quickly realized that I feel more at ease with less “stuff,” and I also realized that I don’t want to work my life away. So, I decided that my goal in life was to live slowly, and I’ve dedicated myself to that ever since. To me, living slowly and sustainably go hand in hand. I would rather have one ethically produced item than 20 unethically produced items from a sweatshop, no matter what it was, from clothing to jewelry to shoes, etc. because I became conscious of what all this extra “stuff” does to my mind, the planet, and who makes the product. I had a former friend who could never understand why I felt this way, and she often shamed me for spending more on sustainably made items, but I refused and still refuse to let that stop me. I get to curate my life, and I choose to live consciously. I am nowhere near perfect so I may slip up every now and then, but I am fully committed to doing my best! I hope to inspire others in my area to do the same. 
What are your simplest pleasures?
My simplest pleasure is spending time near any body of water. I love to hear the waves ripple and the sounds of nature around me. I know that no matter where I end up, it’ll be near the water because it fills me with a sense of peace and belonging. 
.What does self care look like to you?
I think the term “self care” has a different meaning for everyone. As a lot of us have, I’ve experienced waves of depression for as long as I can remember, and it’s sometimes very hard for me to ignite the momentum to do the things I love. Self care for me is making myself get up, get dressed, and do the basics when I’m feeling down. I find that when I am in a low phase, babying myself is the only way to get myself back on track. Once I can get myself back on track, I can create, live in the present, and then feel fulfilled at the end of the night. If I let myself stay in that low state, I don’t take care of my body, mind, or spirit. For me, self care can be the simplest of things: brushing my teeth, walking my dog, taking a shower, lotioning my legs, making myself coffee, attempting to gua sha my face along with my skincare “routine,” and some days, just getting out of bed. These things are part of my self care starter pack. After I achieve these small things, I can move to bigger ways to take care of myself, like reading a book, relaxing, creating, and connecting with myself.  

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