Consider with Liana Garcia

What fills your heart up?
LG: My daughter. Watching her become this incredible little human is one of the most insane beautiful experiences I have the pleasure of being a part of. This year she has really become her own little person. Big personality, so vocal about what she wants, what she does not. It is so amazing to see her suddenly become so involved in life. She knows everyone she meets to be family instead of a stranger.  It makes my heart just about burst.
What does a family heirloom mean to you? 
LG: I feel lucky that most of the family heirlooms I have are in the form of jewelry. I have so many pieces from all my abuelas. My wedding band is my father’s mother’s wedding band. And I have an insanely beautiful opal that my grandfather gave my grandmother. She passed away unexpectedly two years ago, and she and I shared a love of opals, so it is extremely special to me. I love that I get to wear pieces that the incredible women in my family wore every day and they now live a new life with me and eventually my daughter and so on. I think jewelry can be a sacred and intimate part of life and to wear these family heirlooms is like being invited to a secret party.
Describe a memory that makes you feel joy?
LG: One of my favorite memories is being a teenager and driving around the reservation near my house with my best friends. Singing at the top of our lungs, scaring each other with things we imagine in the trees, swapping ghost stories, and dreaming about what our futures might be. There is something so pure about that time when I truly felt invincible. I think that time of feeling invincible is so short lived but looking back at it from where I am in my life right now reminds me that seventeen-year-old Liana would be pretty thrilled about what twenty-eight-year-old Liana is up to.
Describe a scent that makes you feel a memory.
LG: It might be a fairly common thing, but Chanel No. 5 gets me every time. It brings me back to being a child and exploring all of the treasures on my abuela’s dresser. I spent a lot of summers at my abuela’s house and have some of my favorite memories there. That scent immediately transports me to being a little kid looking through a lot of gold jewelry, inspecting perfume bottles- the kind with the atomizer, and all sorts of special trinkets. These things that I still find so glamorous, even after all these years. 
What are your simplest pleasures?
LG: Coffee and sunshine, easily. Coffee is a sacred thing to me. Not even in this ‘I need coffee to get through my day’ way- more so, coffee is a ritual for me. If I am making it at home, it means I am sitting with my daughter and most likely my grandfather as well. If I am headed to one of my local coffee shops, it means I am spending time with my community and that right there is a joy. And sunshine. I am a summer girl through and through. My daughter and I are both summer babies and the summer truly affects us both. Watching the sunrise at the beach, having it kiss my skin. When the sun is shining, I am a different person- a better version of myself. If the sun is out, it means I am barefoot and happy and in my most genuine state of being.

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