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Consider with Mar Rodriguez

Is there anything you currently collect and why?
Ooo this is a fun one. I am notorious for having an infinite amount of leather coats… I should probably stop but then again, maybe not. I truly believe that everyone needs a good staple leather coat in their closet and I just happen to have 6 of them. My leather coats make me feel put together even on those iffy days. They make me feel tough and sexy when I lack the confidence. Essentially, they are part of who Mar is. I also collect them with the intent to pass them down to my children. I have the coolest denim jacket that I do not wear enough, but adore with my whole heart. It belonged to my mom way back then and she passed it on to me when I moved out (more like I stole it from her closet). I want my future children to steal them from my closet as well… the circle of life.

What are your simplest pleasures?
I smile when I think of this question. There are so many that pop into mind, where do I even begin! I am blessed to share a room with an amazing friend who is now like family –– I adore those mornings where we both happen to wake up at the same time and retell our dreams and laugh about the night before. Laughing is a beautiful thing for me and it never falls short in my household.

And the small business owners in downtown LA that I have befriended. They always make my day. It is the simple "good morning" and shared smile as something crazy happens in front of us. It is the way they so kindly offer to help me carry boxes or open doors for me.

It is the wonderful security in my work building. Cecilia, Rose and Manny –– getting to converse with them and truly get to know them. That simple but impactful moment when the elevator door is waiting for you but you’re too invested in the conversation so you just grab the next one.

My simple pleasures in life are getting to know people.

What does a family heirloom mean to you?
I am being very particular and intentional with what I treasure and keep at my age. I did not grow up with many heirlooms besides the denim jacket that belonged to my mother. Sometimes I find myself yearning for that vintage dress story that was passed down or to be able to retell all the adventures the film camera took my grandfather on. That is why I treasure my designer pieces, vintage pieces, film gear and my favorite fine jewelry, such as my own CCNYC white diamond hoop.

What does self care look like to you?
I am such an extrovert but sometimes I just need stillness. I am very comfortable with being alone. I’m glad I am. Though I appreciate the company and I often seek it, I think it is so important to have time to yourself to regroup and refresh. You can’t pour into others if you are running on empty. This for me looks like going on coffee dates by myself, immersing myself in my faith, going out in nature, & being active but honestly sometimes this can also look like binge watching my favorite T.V show. That is totally okay too. We often forget that self care can also be doing absolutely nothing that takes up brain space.

How do you try to live a more sustainable lifestyle?
I feel like this revolves around me 24/7 –– from the people I follow, to my work space and what I consume both in fashion and lifestyle. I try to remember that living a sustainable lifestyle is more pro-active when everyone is doing it imperfectly rather than one person doing it perfectly. I *try* to buy mainly second hand and vintage but occasionally invest in designer and independent designer pieces that I know will last me. I am lucky to have my closest and best friend Aisha aka @lessismore.__ source amazing vintage that I have in my closet.


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