May 02, 2022

Consider with Caroline Holley

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Caroline Holley

1   Describe an art form or medium that piques your interest and why?

1   Recently, I’ve been becoming more fascinated with photography. When I look at pictures or videos, I have a newfound appreciation for the work that went into creating them. I have been shooting more film photography lately, and it’s brought me so much joy. It can be disappointing when photos don’t turn out exactly how you wanted them, but when they do, it’s beyond satisfying



2   What fills your heart up?

2   The sun when it comes out in Portland, the lush green forest, my partner who constantly inspires me, and my sweet dog.



3   What does self-care look like to you?

3   I’ve found that the most fulfilling act of self-care is spending time in nature. A day with nothing on my schedule, where I can go on a hike or spend time by the water is when my body and mind feel their best. Nature is full of wisdom and beauty, and there is truly so much we can learn from it.



4   Describe a sound that makes you feel calm. 

4   Anytime I leave the city, and the world becomes so quiet that you can hear the trees whistling in the wind, I instantly feel at ease. 



5   Is there anything you currently collect and why? 

5   I have slowly begun collecting various types of ceramic vases (sort of by accident) that I have found at thrift stores. There’s something so special about finding handmade vases and vessels. Many have become some of the most special pieces that I love displaying in my home.


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