June 30, 2020

Consider with Gabriela Epelboim

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Gabriela Epelboim

1   What makes you feel safe?

1   Feeling safe for me means feeling safe when I am with myself. If you don’t take the rare and powerful opportunity to love yourself when you are alone, you rob yourself of true joy. 



2   Do you have any rituals?

2   Time for myself (before the world wakes up). 7-9 am is prime time. I am outdoors journaling with coffee in hand and the sound of nothing but the morning. First things first. Do one thing at a time. The easiest way to accomplish nothing is to overcomplicate. I make really short task lists ahead of time that organize my week into a "vision" without falling into the overly planned trap that always leads to some sort of feeling of failure when you don't accomplish. There comes a time in life when the gift is being able to do whatever your heart desires for the day. And let all that “busyness” go. It has been my greatest revelation of late.



3   Do you have any practices?

3   Exercise - I do "The Class" at least 4 times a week. Taryn Toomey has taught me to love the way my body can move and breathe more than anyone. I light a Boy Smells candle before it starts to make the class feel intentional.



4   What is a meaningful keepsake you own?

4   A keepsake is all about the memory attached. My new dainty ring is definitely something that I will feel will transform with me through time. I got it during this time when most things feel excessive besides health and relationships. Something about it allows me to feel adorned in a way that is subtle, aligned with the simplicity of the life we are currently living. This ring isn't static, it will evolve as I evolve, develop, and become part of my future. The best part is it will be there, and I won't even feel it!



5   Is there anything you currently collect and why?

5   I wouldn't say I collect journals, but it is definitely a collection. I have collected over 100 throughout my life. I journal almost daily and from everywhere/anywhere I am in that present time.



6   What does timelessness mean to you?

6   As I grow older, I find myself longing for the classic and the understated. A sense of balance and proportion, the right moments that feel unique and memorable to me. Timelessness looks a lot like flow over force. 


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