April 30, 2020

Consider with Megan Fisher

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Megan Fisher

1   What does timelessness mean to you?

1   Timelessness is an idea I often contemplate and aspire to emulate in life and in art. To me authenticity and quality is what remains over time. The romance of music and melodies evoke feeling and can create and carry memories that resonate now and for years to come that are not only bound by one specific moment. Beauty transcends time.



2   Describe a sound that makes you feel calm.

2   The sound of the ocean always brings me an immediate sense of calm. I love being near the sea. As a composer, my ears sometimes get tired from recording/mixing music and I prefer silence. However, I never tire of the rich sound of a cello! Lately the springtime sounds of birds outside my window have been comforting. I even used a field recorder to capture the sound the other day, it was so beautiful!



3   What does a family heirloom mean to you?

3   One of my most cherished possessions is my grandmother’s violin that was passed down to me. She was an accomplished violinist and fellow redhead ;) She played in the symphony at age 16 and sat first chair by 18 years old. Her violin now lives in my studio and reminds me of her daily. On my wedding day my mom gave me an heirloom delicate diamond necklace that belonged to her. The memory and nostalgia behind this gift makes this piece so special to me, and I hope to pass it down to my future children one day.


4   What are your simplest pleasures?

4   This moment in time has caused me to slow down and find enjoyment in the simplest of things. One of my favorite pastimes is arranging flowers, lighting a candle, cooking (I’ve been on an Italian kick as of late), and watching an art house film. Currently re-reading The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. I’ve also enjoyed the simplicity of taking solo walks and being present.



5   What moves and inspires you most?

5   There is so much beauty in the world that inspires me. I have a deep appreciation for good design and composition in architecture, fashion, photography and interiors. The visual medium of painting is a major source of inspiration for me and often informs my solo music work. Music is so emotive and moves me like nothing else. Every year I have the tradition of going to the NYC Ballet spring gala with a dear friend and the combination of graceful movement, costumes and music brings me to tears every time. Glass Pieces and Serenade are two of my all-time favorite ballets.


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