August 31, 2020

Consider with Olivia Yokubonis

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Olivia Yokubonis

1   Describe an art form or medium that piques your interest and why?

1   Music is one of my greatest loves. I have grown up making music and have dreams to see my music come to life (very soon!) The reason behind having such a deep love for it is I can look back at my life and remember the songs I played that brought me through circumstances and the songs I wrote that have helped me heal. It is such a gift! 



2   Do you have any daily practices? 

2   The best way for me to find peace in my day is to have a skincare routine. It's the number one thing that I do ritually. I have found that it has only expanded my desire to have routine in the rest of my life, and causes me to want to take better care of myself as a whole. 



3   What is a meaningful keepsake you own? 

3   My grandma passed away a year ago, she was the epitome of class and grace. I have a few pieces of jewelry she passed down to me, my favorite being a Givenchy gold chain. She also left me her gold full length mirror that will forever be a staple in my home. 



4   What are you curious about learning?

4   I'm curious about the art of learning! I always thought I had to get a traditional education in whatever I was interested in so that I would have credibility, but that's not how the world works anymore. We can learn and be educated in so many different forms and develop expertise in an area without obtaining a degree. I think mentorship is one of the best forms of learning; there are not enough people who utilize it, and these experts actually desire to share their knowledge with others. 



5   What makes you feel self-conscious? 

5   I think growing up in a mixed race family, the looks that I would get doing simple things like going to the grocery store with my mom, would make me uncomfortable. It made me wonder what they were thinking, and why they felt the need to look for such a long period of time, like something was wrong. But my sweet mom always reminded me that there is nothing wrong with what my family or I look like, and I consciously remind myself of that even in adult-hood.  


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