April 06, 2021

Consider with Robin Reetz

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Robin Reetz

1   What does self care look like to you?

1   Focusing on the health of my mind, body, and boundaries wherever possible. I really subscribe to the idea of putting yourself first so you’re of greater service to everything and everyone around you—we’re all our best selves when we’ve slept enough, are respecting our mental health, and treating our bodies with care through both food and activity. All this said, I don’t have children or anyone who requires my care (outside of a super spoiled dog and a cat) so I’m privileged to be able to spend my energy on myself.



2   What are your simplest pleasures?

2   I’m a routine-driven person and surround myself by daily rituals and simple pleasures. Morning coffee is a big one for me (I love making coffee on the weekends and getting back into bed to relax and enjoy—so simple but so indulgent.) Like everyone these days, I’m obsessed with my skincare routine and it brings me a ton of joy. I also love the feeling of throwing on a robe after a shower—it’s what I like to call a “fake rich” feeling that makes you feel indulgent and fancy in such a simple way. And of course, my favorite thing of all is curling up and watching a movie or good TV show with my boyfriend, dog, and cat.



3   What are you curious about learning?

3   More about people whose experiences are different from mine. Maybe a little more about plant-based cooking (I really don’t find pleasure in cooking but am very interested in plant-based nutrition and functional medicine).



4   What does a family heirloom mean to you?

4   A family heirloom is anything that holds value of any kind—be it a memory or an article of clothing or a tchotchke. I have shirts that I incorporate into my regular wardrobe from both of my parents, which is nice as it feels like I’m carrying them with me. I also have costume jewelry from my grandmother which I consider an heirloom because the pieces are simple and what she wore everyday. It’s those types of items—the things that were used and loved—that feel the most important to me.



5   How do you try to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

5   I live in an apartment in New York City so my footprint is relatively small. I try to buy either vintage clothing or pieces from smaller designers, and I don’t own a car so I take public transportation and walk everywhere, but there’s much more I could do—I order in food a fair amount, shop online, and love to travel and am conscious of the packaging waste and large carbon footprint those activities create.


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