February 22, 2022

Consider with Alexandra Almeida

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Alexandra Almeida

1   Describe an art form or medium that piques your interest and why?

1   This is such a huge question for me, as art has always played such a prominent role in my life. My older sister is an oil painter, my husband plays the guitar, and my dad was very big on photography. Photography has always been my number one go-to for expression in art. I think it has a lot to do with growing up seeing my dad always behind the lens. He gave me my first camera when I was five and my first big girl camera as an adult.

"There is something so familiar, beautiful, and emotional about photography that always has me gravitating to it."

I’d have to say that the second is sculpture and ceramics. I am absolutely obsessed with collecting ceramic pieces for our home and for my shop MÍSIJOS. I briefly attended a ceramics class in college before I dropped out and I never got to fire my first piece. I remember it being the only light in that dark period of my life - I was suffering from severe depression at that time. I hope to be able to go back and explore that medium again once my boys are a bit older, allowing me the time. 



2   What makes you feel safe?

2   My husband’s touch - whether it be a light graze across my back as he walks by, or him holding my hand, him resting his hand on my leg when we sit together, or his embrace - my anxiety and myself are immediately cleansed in this tranquil security. 


3   What fills your heart up?

3   Our four boys: Henry, William, Nathan, and Luke. They are my everything. Seeing them play together, laugh together, even fight with each other makes me feel so complete. Seeing them show compassion and selflessness to each other? My heart goes beyond full - it literally explodes.



4   Describe a memory that makes you feel joy.

4   Our son, William, suffers from a rare genetic condition called Lowe Syndrome - with this comes a whole bag of surprises and challenges. Milestones come but never when you expect or hope for them to, but when they do - you know he worked damn hard to reach them. Every time Will reaches one of those milestones there is nothing but pure joy in our home. My absolute favorite and the most memorable was when out of nowhere William walked right up to me smiling and hugged me for the first time. I was speechless and most definitely crying - a joy I never knew before.



5   Do you have any daily practices? 

5   Staying at home raising our four boys leaves very little room for quiet time or self-care. I try my best to make it a daily practice in the morning to make myself a warm drink. I enjoy it sitting on our bench by the windows in our dining room where hummingbirds frequently visit. I 100% let the boys have screen time to allow myself this little simple pleasure.


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