Our Philosophy

          01We craft timeless, handmade pieces, each designed to be passed down through generations. It is our intention to create meaningful pieces that will inspire those who wear them, celebrating the precious moments; past, present, and to come.


          02Concrete Collective is a New York-based female-founded and led brand that offers heirloom-quality fine jewelry designed for everyday wear. Each solid gold piece is crafted by hand with care, drawing inspiration from texture, sculpture, and the feminine form. Our jewelry embodies the sophistication of simplicity and thoughtfully combines contemporary minimalism with sculptural silhouettes. We create solid gold jewelry that is made to last and treasure for
          Our core values focus on the traditionalism of impeccable craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the ethical sourcing of all materials. You can learn more about our sustainable approach here.



          03Our collection of artisanal jewelry is made entirely by hand in New York, and we are committed to a sustainable and local production model. Our efforts to produce each piece locally allow us to reduce our waste, lower our carbon footprint, and support our nearby communities. As part of our endeavor to eliminate waste of resources, our pieces are made to order using recycled materials sourced in New York. We strive to focus on sustainable growth; therefore, there is a 1-3 week production time that will incur before shipping items. However, we carry a small selection of limited best-selling pieces ready to ship within 1-5 business days.


MADE responsibly in NEW YORK