01We value transparency and pride ourselves on being incredibly responsible and considered when it comes to the production of our pieces. Our jewelry is designed for the conscious person; who values the importance of long-lasting jewelry. We are a brand committed to prioritising sustainability every step of the way.


          02Each piece is handmade with care using recycled materials sourced locally here in New York. Our local production model allows us to reduce our carbon footprint, and made-to-order production allows us to eliminate any waste.
         We are inspired by mother earth and the natural forms, shapes, and colors that she creates, and we feel motivated to do what's best for the planet and people in any way we can. Our traditional craftsmanship techniques eradicate any need for large commercial machinery; we honor the skill it takes to create with hands. Learn more about our philosophy here.


          03We only use high-quality materials to create our jewelry, all of which are ethically sourced and produced. All of our pieces are made from 100% recycled solid 14k gold. Our team of local artisans in New York is highly skilled in the art of jewelry creation, and each piece is handled and crafted with care.

           04Our packaging is considered and sustainably-minded; all materials used within our packaging are recycled, and we encourage recycling after use. We are steadfast in our mission to produce only what is needed; therefore, our packaging is minimal and simplistic.

MADE consciously in NEW YORK