Consider with Concrete Collective

  • Consider with Shelby Walker

    Consider with Shelby Walker
    "I will forever be amazed at the kindness of strangers. There are people I hardly know that have shown me more kindness and grace than people I have known my whole life. That alone inspires me more than anything."
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  • Consider with Maria-Alejandra Arauz

    Consider with Maria-Alejandra Arauz
    My simplest pleasures are delighting in the ordinary. I often like to capture these images because of the joy they bring me and what these simple pleasures remind me of. Like linens or sheets hanging on the line outside in the sun, the way they feel once they’re dry, on your bed again. 
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  • Consider with Kelly Johnson

    Consider with Kelly Johnson
    "Family heirlooms shape our identity, connecting us directly to our ancestors and homeland. The physical object or symbol holds the emotional weight of previous generations, while providing hope for future ones."
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  • Consider with Tracy Valiunas

    Consider with Tracy Valiunas
    "I buy a lot of my things second-hand. Before I purchase anything, I will try to search for second-hand alternatives and if not, I purchase from brands that are socially responsible, focusing on recyclable materials and fair trade. Some of these brands may be more expensive but they are well made and I can pass them on to my girls in the future."
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