Consider with Concrete Collective

  • Consider with Michelle Barrera

    Consider with Michelle Barrera
    "Self-care to me means listening to your mind and body’s needs for recharging or releasing. I see it as circulation of personal energy, and however you choose to manage that on your own terms."
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  • Consider with Bianca Matisse Taylor

    Consider with Bianca Matisse Taylor
    "I am intrigued by painting. I am not very good at it, and as a (healing) perfectionist, it is challenging to keep creating even if I don’t like how it’s turning out. I am working on redefining in my mind what 'good' is."
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  • Consider with Camryn Sumner

    Consider with Camryn Sumner
    "My ideal self-care routine would be a candle-lit bath with Epsom salts, a hair and face mask, gua sha, and an application of face and body oils. I finish with some organic dark chocolate and tea, reading my favorite book or watching my favorite show cuddled in bed."
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  • Consider with Angela Markwith

    Consider with Angela Markwith
    Self-care for me is setting boundaries and sticking by my word. It is a practice of checking in with myself, questioning whether the choices I make and the environments I find myself in elevate my worthiness and serve me positively.
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