July 07, 2024

Consider with Roti Brown

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Roti Brown
1   What makes you feel safe?
  1   Support from my family and friends. Over the last few years, I've leaned into community. Both the solidified community I've had for years and the new friendships and relationships that are newer to me. Knowing that there are people in my life who I can fall back on makes me feel like I can do anything and be whoever I want to be.
2   Describe a memory that makes you feel joy.
  2   I have a lot of memories of watching my mom go through her beauty rituals when I was young. Watching her curl her hair, slip on her jewelry, and finish with a few puffs of floral perfume. I remember wanting to look and feel as beautiful and effortless as she did.
3   What does self-care look like to you?
  3   I love a simple approach to self-care. I find the more complicated my rituals are, the more I view them as chores. Self-care for me is putting my phone down, saying no to plans, or scheduling a couple of hours for downtime during a work week.
4   What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
  4   My grandma set an emerald she bought in Australia years ago into a necklace and gave it to me as a graduation present. It's simple but stunning so it matches everything. I wouldn't dream of leaving my house without it. 
5   Describe a scent that makes you feel a memory
  5   Most of my scent memories are associated with food. Dinner was a big source of quality time growing up. Whenever I smell foods that were frequently on our dinner table it brings me right back. 



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