Designed & Crafted in New York. Responsibly handmade.

Explore heavenly nostalgia through our timeless collections. Each piece by Concrete Collective is a modern heirloom, designed to last lifetimes.

Our philosophy


New Arrivals.

Exclusive solid gold investments for generations to come. Each carefully designed collection embodies the sophistication of simplicity.

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Designed with Intention.

Sources of inspiration for our jewelry include texture, sculpture, curves, femininity, and neutral tones. Our pieces are sculptural forms designed to be passed down to generation after generation.

Materials / Care


Custom and Bespoke Design.

Discover our bespoke design service  which allows entirely custom and handmade pieces made to order. For you, or those you love.

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  • Consider with Maria-Alejandra Arauz

    Consider with Maria-Alejandra Arauz
    My simplest pleasures are delighting in the ordinary. I often like to capture these images because of the joy they bring me and what these simple pleasures remind me of. Like linens or sheets hanging on the line outside in the sun, the way they feel once they’re dry, on your bed again. 
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