November 14, 2022

Consider with Cassie Arden

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Cassie Arden

1   What makes you feel safe?

1   Risk.

    I have jumped off cliffs many times in my life
and landed in turquoise pools. Each time I leap, I build the strength of knowing.

    I am held. My own arms catch me. I know when it is time to run and time to stay.
Self-trust makes me feel safe.


Necklace held in hand with rock in background.


2   What fills your heart up?

2   Just two sun catchers line the window of our kitchen.

    Gifts from elder women who now watch me grow. The sun hangs to the sheer curtains along our bed. Caressing the walls,
casting warmth on the string of leaves draping down honey walls.

    I am in a nest of love. Soft blue opens as a jungle reaches his paw towards my face. Both beg me not to go. I kiss their foreheads, my feet kiss the floor,
rainbows dance on the walls.


Lifestyle shot on the beach


3   What moves and inspires you most?

3   Authenticity, strangeness, vulnerability, honest confidence, kindness, openness.


Necklace in hand


4   Is there anything you currently collect and why?

4   Every moment as it makes me feel alive.



5   What are you curious about learning?

5   The meaning of life. How to bring peace to myself so I can bring peace to the collective.

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