November 21, 2020

Consider with Hannah Freeman

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Hannah Freeman
1   What fills your heart up?

1   My heart feels warm and full when I see people practicing and having compassion and love for one another. I think this is something that's especially important with everything going on in our world right now but just having the opportunity to be kind to someone goes such a long way. Our world is so full of distractions and chaos and unfortunately sometimes hatred-being able to emit feelings of love and understanding are truly so powerful right now.


2   Do you have any daily practices?
2   I actually do which is kind of new for me! I usually wake up about an hour before I have to clock in to work & start each morning with a sound bath meditation for 5 to 10 minutes. It's really calming and a nice way to start my day. After that I go on a long walk and try to get some movement in since most of my day is spent working from home. I listen to Abraham Hicks' podcasts while I walk- again, another really nice way to ease into my morning. When I get home from my walk, I say my daily affirmations which only take a few minutes and then I get my french press ready to make my morning coffee.

3   What makes you feel safe?
3   I feel the safest when I slow down mentally and practice mindfulness. Whether it's in the form of a deep breathing exercise or taking a stroll, I feel the safest when I’m centered and in tune with my thoughts and emotions.
4   How do you try to live a more sustainable lifestyle? 
4   Ultimately having a zero-waste home is the end goal for me but in the meantime, I mostly just try to be conscious of what I’m buying for both my home (mostly kitchen) but also my closet and wardrobe. I try to buy as little food as possible that comes in plastic or non-biodegradable materials. In terms of my closet, I’d say about 50-60% is thrifted or purchased second hand.

5   Describe a memory that makes you feel joy.
5   Growing up, a lot of my dad’s family lived in Los Angeles so spending our summer trips in Santa Monica and by the beach would definitely be memories I hold the closest to me. A lot of people connect LA with being high maintenance or uptight but I never felt that way. My levels of happiness and contentment are always the highest when I visit there.


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