February 14, 2022

Consider with Hannah Slater

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Hannah Slater
1   Describe an art form or medium that piques your interest and why?

 1   Recently, I’ve been dreaming about woodworking. I love creating things that are beautiful but also that have function and value. I feel like having experience and expertise in woodworking/carpentry would be so empowering. You can make anything! That’s so cool! 


2   What makes you feel safe?

  2   Living alone can be scary at times. I feel safe having my pets around me and knowing that my family is nearby.  


3   What fills your heart up?
  3   It fills my heart up when I’m given recognition and acknowledgement for the work that I do. New York City’s public schools are in crisis and working in the field of education is increasingly thankless and exhausting. I love my job. But, I work really hard and rarely feel seen. It means so much to me when someone takes the time to tell me I’m doing a good job. 
4   Do you have any rituals?
 4      Instead of toweling off after my morning shower, I lie in my bed with a cup of coffee. I call it “air drying.” I have lots of coffee stains and it makes me late for work almost always. But it’s a ritual I hold sacred. 
5   What are your simplest pleasures?
   5   My simplest pleasures are almond joys, fresh sheets, my dog and cats playing together, making people laugh, and handwritten letters. 

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