August 27, 2023

Consider with Iberia Brisa

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Iberia Brisa
1   What makes you feel safe?
  1   My experiences are more abundant when I find beauty in the seemingly
2   What moves and inspires you most?
2   I’ve found that I’m most creative after time spent with the incredible women I
have in my life. Energy flows when we gather, it’s so sweet.
3   Describe a memory that makes you feel joy.
3   Three years ago, I had a few visions during a past life regression meditation.
The scenes were light: I remember one vividly where I was in an isolated
cottage surrounded by green pastures. It was just me, my partner at the time,
and our dog. It was simple and we were happy.
4   Do you have any rituals/daily practices?
4   When I’m home, not a day passes without listening to music on a record player
while I sip my homemade chai. I’m on a heavy Father John Misty kick; his latest
album makes my mornings feel cinematic.
5  What does timelessness mean to you?
5   Our memories are timeless; they are what we always carry with us.
6  What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
6   Quality time with those I love is the greatest gift I continue to receive: hugs
from my dog, time with family, even exchanging ten minute long voice messages
with long distance friends.
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