June 02, 2024

Consider with Karina Black

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Karina Black
1   Describe an art form or medium that piques your interest and why.
  1   Working with clay has been my favorite form of expressing myself. Seeing my creativity materialize into tangible art is so fulfilling
2   What makes you feel safe?
  2   Surrounding myself with people who make me feel seen and supported
3   What moves and inspires you most?
    Love, art, vulnerability. 
4   Do you have any daily practices?
    I’m not one for a strict daily routine but I love sitting in the sun each morning and expressing gratitude (either journaling or by thought) for my health and the people in my life. 
5   Describe a scent that makes you feel a memory.
    Anytime I smell jasmine I’m instantly transported to my childhood. I have a vivid memory of riding my bike and passing by a huge jasmine bush in full bloom. The scent was so vibrant that it stopped me in my tracks. I stood there for a bit in awe. 
6   Is there anything you currently collect and why?
    Seashells. They remind me of my dad and his love for the ocean. 
7   What are your simplest pleasures?
    Mornings with my partner and our pup. Sitting in the sun. The first sip of coffee. A crispy piece of bacon. People watching at the park. The smell of spring. Laying on the beach.