December 02, 2021

Consider with Kate Matthews

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Kate Matthews
1   Describe an art form or medium that piques your interest and why?

1   Clay has always been the medium that called to me simply because it can become almost anything from dinner plates to ceramic lamps. You take something so soft and impressionable and with inspiration, it can shape into whatever you want. At the same time, clay is so fragile and finicky and demands patience (something I don’t naturally have). I fell in love with clay because of the possibilities, but also because it forces me to slow down, be thoughtful, and work with intention


2   What makes you feel safe?
2   My apartment (under blankets on the couch to be specific) is where I feel the safest. Each year I’ve gotten more comfortable with the idea that I’m the most relaxed and happy when at home and that I don’t need to be out every night if it doesn’t feel right. 
3   What fills your heart up?
3   A good music playlist fills my heart up like nothing else. The other night I was visiting a new friend’s interior design studio (shout out to @Corninteriors) and the playlist in the background made me feel warm and full. There’s really nothing like back to back jams to fill up your heart. 
4   Is there anything you currently collect, and why?
4   I’m infamous in my friend group for my treasure hunting habit. I love to collect most vintage things regardless of the lack of space in my NYC apartment and my friends graciously let me pull over the car on all trips to stop and thrift. The first thing I started to collect was vintage chairs. I’ve really tried to limit the chairs I collect now (to conserve space), but I’m not so secretly excited to find the next one that will come live with me.  
5   What are your simplest pleasures?
5   A slice of NYC pizza and a white t shirt. Of course, I have to be careful if I’m wearing a white t shirt while eating the pizza.

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