April 20, 2023

Consider with Maya Champion

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Maya Champion
1   Describe an art form or medium that piques your interest and why.
  1   Ceramics. I went to school for fashion design, have oil painted, drew for most of my life. But ceramics have had my full attention for the last few years.
2   What fills your heart up?
2   Walks and a cup of tea are my only consistent daily practices. Oh, and a bath almost every single day!

3   How do you try to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

3   I run a vintage clothing shop and do my best to only buy second-hand. 



4   What does self-care look like to you?

4   Self-care is when you do anything that feels therapeutic and slows things down, where you feel warm and calm



5   What are you most thankful for?

5   My dog, Talu, and my mom. Couldn’t pick just one. They’ve both taught me endless love and I feel extremely fortunate to have them both in my life. 

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