September 23, 2023

Consider with Megan Almonte

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Megan Almonte
1   What does self-care look like to you?
  1   Self-care is doing things that make me feel calm. Sometimes that is watching a show, drawing, or cooking. It either gives me time to shut off for a while or to use parts of my mind that I normally don’t use throughout the day.
2   What are your simplest pleasures?
2   I love going once a week to get a sweet treat. In the summer it can get too hot to bake sweets so going to my local bakery with my boyfriend and friends brings me great joy.
3   Is there anything you currently collect and why?
3   I like to collect cute little figurines! I’ve been collecting them since middle school. Kewpie dolls and Sanrio are a couple of the brands I collect from. I love having them around because they remind me of the time I spent with my mom and everything she has done for me. As a kid I loved playing in the dollhouse my mom built for me and these figurines bring back those wonderful childhood memories. Some figurines I left at home with my mom so that she and my dad have a piece of me with them since I moved out.
4   What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
4   My boyfriend kept a lot of the tickets and other bits from our first few dates and labeled them with “our first ____.” It was really thoughtful and a huge surprise! He also gave me a stuffed hedgehog because they are one of my favorite animals. It made me realize how sentimental he can be and that’s one of the many things I appreciate about him.   
5  What are you most thankful for?
5   The opportunities that have come along for me. As a graphic designer, it can be hard getting your footing; especially if you graduated during COVID. I was teaching for a while which gave me lots of experience in being prepared for anything which is a useful skill. I am now even more thankful that an opportunity came along to let me take a leap of faith into my dream field.
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