October 16, 2022

Consider with Micaela Hughes

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Micaela Hughes

1   What makes you feel safe?

1   My people make me feel safe! I spent a few years of my life being super outgoing and extroverted. But going into my late 20s, I realized more than ever that I feel the safest around my close friends, family, and husband. I can unwind and don’t have to have that extra layer of needing to expend my energy. I feel safe when I don’t have to guard my words/thoughts and can articulate what is going through my mind.



2   What fills your heart up?

2   Just being with my husband. We have had to be very intentional with our time together. Because of work and outside social commitments, we sometimes go in different directions. It was definitely a trial at the beginning of our marriage. But I feel the most full after a day at the beach with our friends. Then we come home, just the two of us, to eat and wind down together on the couch.



3   What moves and inspires you most?

3   Seeing people serve others. I don’t naturally have a servant's heart, but I have been loved by so many people in my life during really challenging times. When people constantly open their homes and show up when needed, I feel the most inspired. I find the more you do it, the more you want to do it, and are naturally inclined to put others before yourself.



4   Do you have any daily practices?

4   I take time to pray (even if it’s just on my way to work). I also need to move! I have an office job without a window so walking in the sun during my lunch break is crucial for my mental health. I’ll put on an audible book or podcast and walk around my office. We are near the water, so seeing a different landscape sets me up for the rest of my day.



5   What is a meaningful keepsake you own?

5   I have a set of mugs made in Mexico that I have from my grandparent’s home that I got while I was last visiting for my grandmother’s funeral. It was a very hard time for all of us, yet there was this sense of peace from all the family being together for the first time in years, remembering the matriarch. I love having those mugs; remembering my heritage, and having a piece of her home all these miles away.

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