January 22, 2023

Consider with Nina Doering

By Concrete Collective
Consider with Nina Doering

1   What does self-care look like to you?

1   Self-care equates to boundaries. I feel like I'm finally at the point where I can recognize when I'm ruminating, comparing myself to others, or playing a familiar mental game that does not serve me. And self-care looks like having boundaries in terms of how much space I'll let those things take up in my life; how much space anything that isn't empowering and serving me I am allowing to have in my life.




2   Describe an art form/medium that piques your interest and why. 

2   Graphic and visual design because of its combination of objectivity and subjectivity. I love that there are rules and theories but different visions. I’m driven by a desire to create harmony from chaos, perhaps due to growing up in a chaotic household. And that is what design is really all about: taking chaos and creating a harmonious, cohesive visual design that successfully communicates a message and does so beautifully.



3   What makes you feel safe?

3   Having space in my life for self-expression. As long as I have that, I know I'll be okay. And that can look so different day-to-day. Sometimes that's through physical activity, writing/journaling, listening to a new album, or watching a new movie. Anything that is an expression of something I enjoy makes me feel fulfilled, centered, and at peace.



4   Do you have any rituals?

4   I do pilates and Gua Sha every morning. I'm also an obsessive matcha drinker. I also try to end every day by taking a walk and spending some time cuddling with my cats. 



5   What are you most thankful for?

5   The friendships and relationships in my life, particularly the women in my life, all inspire me in various ways. I would not be anywhere without them.

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